Burk Plus-X EM 64

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Plus-X EM 64


Key Features

  • Integrates with ARC Plus over existing LAN/WAN

  • Built-in temperature, light and sound sensors

  • Easily expandable with external sensors

  • Integrates with IP security cameras

  • Alert personnel via email, SMS and SNMP traps.

  • Spot trends and prevent problems from developing with onboard charting.

  • Onboard web interface for setup, monitoring and access to historical data and charts


Protect your Equipment and Data

Environmental problems at remote sites can cause costly downtime, damage expensive equipment, and even lead to loss of mission-critical data. HVAC equipment failure, power outages, and simple human error can cause catastrophic problems—especially when running unattended. Broadcast equipment requires comprehensive monitoring of environmental conditions to detect a problem as early as possible.

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The Plus-X EM series monitors temperature, humidity, flood/leak, and many other conditions that can cause serious problems. Email, SMS and SNMP notifications ensure that responsible personnel can respond quickly and effectively.


Watch for Early Warning Signs

Not all problems happen suddenly. A change in how equipment behaves over time may be an early warning sign of a serious problem. A gradual rise in temperature or a change in sound level may be evidence of impending equipment failure. Onboard charting allows you to watch for changes in environmental conditions over time, preventing a problem from becoming a crisis.


A Monitoring Solution that Grows with your Needs

The Plus-X EM series’ unique modular design allows you to add capacity and features as you need them. Easily add new sensors as you add equipment, and take advantage of new functionality when you need it.

Plus-X EM 64 can support up to a total of 64 sensors, including 3 built-in sensors, 8 switch inputs connected to the real panel connector, 8 powered switch inputs and up to 45 digital sensors connected in daisy-chain configuration to the front panel sensor ports. One or two optional modules can be installed in the front of the Plus-X 64 unit to simplify daisy-chain wiring and/or to increase the number of switch inputs or powered switch inputs, up to an overall total of 64 sensors. Plus-X 32 is a convenient package providing up to a total of 32 sensors including 3 built-in sensors, 8 powered switch inputs and up to 21 digital sensors connected in daisy-chain configuration to the front panel sensor ports.