SWAP 1300 - 1300W FM Transmitter

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SWAP 1300 - 1300W FM Transmitter



SWAP Series Exciter/Transmitter is a Family of FM stereo Exciters/Transmitters that guaran-tees a superior transmission quality and top performances.

Output power from 600W ,1300W,  2500W using High Efficiency last LDMOS technology is housed into an ultra-compact cabinet of only 2U heigh.

Is available also in JPN and OIRT frequencies.

SWAP can be used as ultra-compact stand alone station, as well as driver in complex high power transmitters and N+1 systems.

For any application SWAP is the ultimate solution that meets most demanding customer’ requirements and guarantees professional features at affordable price.



  • Frequency Range: 87.5 ÷ 108.00 MHz, Programmable in 10 KHz steps
  • On request 66 ÷ 74 MHz (OIRT), 76 ÷ 90 MHz (JPN) Bands.
  • Frequency Stability: better than ±150Hz from -10 to +50°C
  • Max deviation: +/-150kHz.
  • Frequency Control: Synthesizer μprocessor control.
  • Power Output: 600W, 1300W, 2500W Adjustable from 0W to maximum power.
  • Output Impedance: 50 ohm.
  • Display: forward/reflection power and modulation indicator
  • Type of Modulation: Direct frequency modulation of carrier frequency, F3E Stereo with Subcarrier and Mono .
  • Lock in Time: Typ. 4 second.
  • Off Lock Attenuation: ≥ -80 dBc.
  • Modulation Capability: ±150 KHz.
  • Modulation Mode: Mono, Stereo, Multiplex, SCA, RDS, Aux.
  • Preemphasis: Flat(0)/50/75 μs selectable from front panel.
  • Asynchronous AM S/N Ratio: -60 dB below reference carrier with 100% AM modulation @ 400 Hz, without FM modulation.
  • Synchronous AM S/N Ratio: -60 dB below reference carrier with 100% AM modulation@ 400 Hz with FM modulation ±75 KHz @ 400 Hz.
  • RF Harmonics: Exceeds ETSI/EBU/CCIR/FCC requirements. better than 84 dbc
  • RF Spurious: Exceeds ETSI/EBU/CCIR/FCC requirements. better than 84 dbc
  • RF Output Connector: 7/16 Type.
  • Output power on/off and adjustable from front panel and remotely.
  • Overall Efficiency up to 80%.
  • Monitor RF: -60 dBc, BNC connector
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 Maximum with automatic fold-back at higher VSWR


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