Wheatstone PhoneBlade - VoIP-AoIP Phone System

Wheatstone PhoneBlade

VoIP-AoIP Phone System


Wheatstone combines the latest in studio AoIP technology and the latest in VoIP phone technology with the introduction of its PhoneBlade VoIP telephone system.


VoIP phone systems are rapidly replacing packet-switched telephone network (PSTN) phone systems due to their significant cost savings and flexibility. PhoneBlade is made specifically for connecting VoIP phone systems directly into the WheatNet-IP audio network without telephone hybrids or other interfaces.

WheatNet-IP is a complete IP audio network ecosystem of consoles, talent stations, I/O units, accessories and virtual tools. It includes online mixing and processing, scripting tools, audio drivers, and gigabit Ethernet architecture. PhoneBlade is the latest addition to the hundreds of software or hardware elements that make up the WheatNet-IP audio network as well as an additional 60-plus third-party add-ons, any or all of which can be connected together for any sized operation or purpose. WheatNet-IP is an AES67 compatible network for interfacing with other AES67 compatible devices or environments. 

PhoneBlade includes a rackmount unit and optional call controller hardware panel for the LXE IP console surface. The button panel provides OLED displays for line status indication as well as a dial keypad and recording, profanity delay dump, answer next, hold, busy all, and drop call buttons. Functions can also be controlled in many other ways, such as using Wheatstone’s SS-8 Smart Switch panel or GP-series button panels.


PhoneBlade has two network connections: one for connecting to one or more SIP phone providers via the Internet or to an internal SIP PBX, and the other for connecting directly into the WheatNet-IP audio network. Once connected, PhoneBlade offers up to 12 lines that show up as sources/destinations in the WheatNet-IP NAVIGATOR software, and are therefore available on every WheatNet-IP console surface and monitor selector in the system. Indication of each line is available throughout the WheatNet-IP audio network and answer/hangup can be done by direct software logic (SLIO) control.

The built-in bus minus functionality on every console channel returns a clean feed to the caller without the need for a telephone hybrid. 

Each of the lines can be set up for a number of unique shows or applications, including as a hotline or information line that records calls automatically and routes the recording to storage. Phone lines and setup can follow shows automatically, with indication of each line available through the WheatNet-IP audio network. Along with status reports and control commands supported via the WheatNet-IP ACI. 

PhoneBlade includes all the major VoIP phone codecs, including G.711, G.722, G.729 and many others for high-quality voice contributions on multiple platforms.

PhoneBlade, along with Wheatstone’s new SIP distribution product SwitchBlade, adds to the WheatNet-IP audio network family of products that includes VoxPro digital audio recorder and editor that can be used in conjunction with both PhoneBlade and SwitchBlade.