The Rack Room is where we gather all engineering equipment for the radio. Usually, in this type of configuration we can find transmitters, link systems, SPS receivers, among other equipment Codecs.

Since everything in your radio station is connected in the audio network, in this rack room will find the right equipment to distribute your signal to every studio, this equipment is the switch gigabit from Cisco (with a built-in blade).

In this package we’ve included various equipment necessary for the proper functioning of your radio, and in this particular package we have chosen the very best for you.

This package includes:

  • RDS P332 Encoder FM broadcast RDS

  • MM1 FM modulation Monitor

  • ROLLS RS81B Digital Quartz AM/FM Tuner

  • LEA TE-6G-RJ11 Voice/Data RJ-11 Modem/Fax protection, pins 3,4 2

  • STACO SCV-20001 online UPS

  • Failsafe Automatic UPS Power Switcher