AirTools 6100

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6100 Broadcast Audio Delay, A 24-bit digital delay unit for live and syndicated broadcasts that makes it easy ƒ?? and affordable ƒ?? to prevent unwanted profanity or comments from reaching your airwaves. Engineered by Symetrix with advanced delay technology, the AirTools 6100 offers up to 40 seconds of user-definable delay at a full 20 kHz range of stereo bandwidth. Carrying a very competitive price tag, the AirTools 6100 brings world-class profanity delay within the reach of any broadcaster. When the show begins, press START. The AirTools 6100 begins digitally time-stretching your program, creating the reaction window you specify ? up to 40 seconds of delay time. Then simply push a button on the unit or a remote control panel to edit unwanted or offensive content. You select the splicing algorithm for music or spoken-word programming. Advanced features include digital audio I/O, TC89 timecode integration and RS-232 remote control. Keep your air clean and seamless with the AirTools 6100 Broadcast Delay from Symetrix, the engineering-driven company of signal processing specialists. New 6100 Features... - TC89 Offset Delay: The 6100's user interface menus now allow the user to specify a constant offset time for the TC89 output for the purpose of adding additional delay to the studio clock TID (time in delay) display.This feature specifically accounts for uplink/downlink latencies or delays incurred from ISDN lines, codec's, satellite signals, and other interruptions. This time offset is adjustable from 0 to 60 seconds in half-second increments. - RS-232 Data Delay: In RS-232 delay mode, any commands entering the unit on the RS-232 port will be delayed by the amount of current delay and then sent back out the RS-232 port. This feature accomodates those migrating from contact closure or relay-driven automation systems to serial data based automation systems. 6100 Software Upgrade Offer... Symetrix currently offers a firmware upgrade for the AirTools 6100 Broadcast Audio Delay, which adds the TC89 Offset Delay and RS-232 Data Delay features to any legacy 6100. FEATURES: - HD-compatible 24-bit digital delay unit for live broadcast that prevents unwanted profanity or comments from reaching the airwaves. - Adds RS-232, AES3/EBU, digital audio I/O and TC89 time code integration to the 6000?s feature set. - Up to forty (40) seconds of full bandwidth stereo delay (user programmable in 0.1 second increments). - User selectable delay algorithms. Tailored for music and speech. - Remotely controlled from the AirTools RC-6000 or from your custom panel.