AKF/1 FM wideband Aluminium Dipole Antenna


AKF/1N FM wideband Aluminium Dipole Antenna 


  • Wide band dipole antenna.
  • Vertical polarization.
  • Entirely made of aluminum treated to achieve a light and resistant structure.
  • All the metal parts are electrically grounded.

Wide band FM Dipole antennas, available in three versions: aluminum, stainless steel and hot dipped steel for the High Power model. We also have a low cost version of our Aluminum FM dipole, only with N connector ( AKF/1N model ).  For all the FM aluminum dipoles we also have the Demountable versions, designed to reduce the volume and the shipping cost,  ( AKS/1 standard models and AKSE/1N model for Low cost version ).  Their almost omnidirectional diagram makes it the most used antenna model, especially for city or lowland installations.