Angry Audio GUEST GIZMO P/N 991021/ Cough (mute) button


Angry Audio GUEST GIZMO P/N 991021. Cough (mute) button, headphone amplifier, tally lamp driver.

With a cough drop (ahem) button built right in plus,

 A stereo headphone amplifier with volume control.

Your guest can adjust headphone levels to personal taste 

Hook up your mic arm to the logic port and the button changes from cough to on/off/cough and drives the red light whenever the mic is hot. Cool?

The Guest Gizmo uses your mixer’s microphone insert jack to provide the muting function. 


One 3.5mm TRRS screw terminal logic adapter and

One dual 1/4 inch TRS StudioHub adapter.

Wall adapter 115VAC power supply with USA plug.