Arrakis MARC-15-15 On Air Broadcast Radio Modular Console

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Arrakis MARC-15-15 On Air Broadcast Radio Modular Console



The Next Generation.

The MARC-15 is a feature laden, professional analog console that is perfect for On Air radio, Production, and News applications. The modular design allows the console to be configured exactly to the studio's needs and to be easily serviced. The 15 channels with up to 30 source inputs meets even the largest studio's needs.

Modular Analog.

15 Channel

3 Stereo Outputs.

Power & Flexibility.


The MARC-15 console is the flagship of the Arrakis Systems broadcast radio consoles. It is designed to meet the needs of any demanding radio station or group. It has the perfect balance of power & flexibility. If you demand performance that is both high tech and practical, then the MARC console is for you.

Tailored for you.

The standout feature of the MARC console is that it is modular. What does modular mean, it means you can choose exactly what configuration is perfect for your studio. Need 5 mic, 2 USB, 6 line and 2 phone modules? The MARC can do that. The options are nearly limitless.


The MARC-15 radio console has 3 stereo Program output mixes that include mono mixdowns. In addition, there are the Monitor, Headphone and Cue systems.

Active Balanced.

All inputs and outputs are stereo, active balanced; using the world standard RJ-45 connectors. 10 ft. cabling is provided for quick and effective installation.

Eliminate Ground Loops.

A control room muting logic output is provided for an on air light. This output  is reed relay isolated to remove a potential ground loop. The reed relay should be used to trigger another relay for powering the on air light.


The MARC-15 modular analog broadcast radio console is the definition of peace of mind. When you purchase the MARC, you purchase a board that will last generations. Modules are simple to swap. All switches and IC's are socketed for reliability and easy maintenance.

Future Proof.

Its features are future proof. The MARC-15 will give you all the power and flexibility that is required for a growing station or group. When you choose the MARC, you are not just choosing a short term solution, you are choosing a powerful solution that grows and changes to meet your ever changing needs.