Auralex 1" Studiofoam Wedge (Charcoal)

Auralex 1" Studiofoam Wedge (Charcoal)



The most economical option for medium and high frequency absortion, the thicker the treatment is the more control medium and high frequency you win; a great piece.

Perfect for those environments that demand good sound control, but where complete acoustic absorption is not desired or required. 1" Studiofoam Wedge works most effectively with sound waves medium and high frequency and can be used to acoustically treat walls, or more commonly ceilings (especially if they are not parallel to the ground), even when the walls are treated with acoustic Studiofoam thicker.


(20) 1" x 24" x 48" Studiofoam Wedge Panels, Charcoal

* Please note that due to differences in computer monitors and color depth video cards, Acoustic Auralex or 305 Broadcast can not guarantee that the color (s) represented on your computer screen will exactly match sent foam products. These color swatches are for reference purposes only.