Broadcast Tools Smart Relay 4

Broadcast Tools Smart Relay 4



The Smart Relay 4 provides four independent DPDT relay and eight optically isolated 5 to 24vdc wet or dry inputs. The Smart Relay 4 is a perfect tool for converting sustained network closures to a pulse. User programmable logic and pulse stretching (delays) may be set from 50 ms to 99 hours, 59 minute and 59.99 seconds. Most programming can be accomplished with simple dipswitch settings, while advanced configuration is performed thought the serial port using a non-dedicated PC with Windows HyperTerminal. Screw terminals are provided for all connections, while the optional RJ21X cable kit may be used to attach to a standard punch block. Power may be applied to either the coax power jack on the unit or directly on the punch block. The Smart Relay 4 is supplied in an aluminum Flex-Chassis. The unit may be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall, up to two units mounted on the RM-3 (1-RU). 

NOTE: The DIN brackets allow the mounting of all Flex Chassis products. Contact the factory for pricing.



  • Independent DPDT relays.
  • Eight independent optically isolated 5 to 28 vdc wet or dry inputs.
  • Basic logic functions can be programmed.
  • The pulse stretcher or time delay may be user programmed from 50 ms to 99 hours, 59 minute and 59.99 seconds. 
  • Convert differing logic levels to DPDT contact closures.
  • Time delay relays.
  • Sustained contact to pulse converters.
  • Rising and/or falling edge pulse converters.
  • Latching (flip-flop) relays.
  • Toggle action relays.
  • Dual alternate action relays.