Broadcast Tools SRC-16 Plus

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Broadcast Tools SRC-16 Plus



The Broadcast Tools® SRC-16 Plus is a computer interface to the real world. Connected through an RS-232 or RS-422/485 serial port the SRC-16 can notify your PC software program that any of 16 optically isolated inputs have been opened or closed and allows your software to control any of the 16 SPDT, 1-amp relays. Communication with the SRC-16 can be accomplished via short “burst” type ASCII or binary commands from your PC (computer mode). The user may also add up to 64 ASCII strings per input and 16 user-defined strings per relay, while two units may be operated in a standalone mode (master/slave mode) to form a "Relay extension cord," with two channels of control in each direction. The unit can communicate using RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 at data rates up to 38400. The SRC-16 Plus may be expanded to 64 inputs x 64 outputs from a single serial port. Optional external Ethernet and USB capabilities may be added.

The SRC-16 Plus is supplied with LED indicators to display input and relay status. Three front panel LED’s display power, serial transmit and receive data. Plug-in euroblock screw terminals are provided for ease of wire installation/removal.