Broadcast Tools SS 2.1 MLR/BNC

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Broadcast Tools SS 2.1 MLR/BNC



The SS 2.1 MLR/BNC is a transparent two input, dual output switcher/router with mechanical latching relays and BNC connectors. The SS 2.1 MLR/BNC is perfect for all types of passive signal switching via front panel switches, contact closures and/or serial RS-232. The switching is accomplished with mechanical latching gold contact relays, which means that the unit can route a signal in either direction. Due to the passive nature of the switching, any input level and impedance can be used. Inputs may be balanced or unbalanced, while output levels, impedance, distortion, noise and balancing will match that of the selected input. The SS 2.1 MLR/BNC can be controlled and monitored locally and/or with simple contact closures to ground, as well with multi-drop RS-232 serial commands. 



  • Front panel channel selection push buttons with active channel LED indicators.
  • The audio “MUTE” function allows the user to turn off all audio.
  • Front panel Enable switch can be configured to provide a safety lock to the front panel selection push buttons.
  • Remote control via contact closures, 5-volt TTL/CMOS logic levels and/or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port. TCP/Telnet control/monitoring with our optional ESS-1, RS-232 to Ethernet adapter.
  • Two SPDT relay outputs for remote channel status 
  • Audio/signal switching via mechanical latching sealed relays utilizing 2-form-C bifurcated - crossbar silver alloy with gold overlay contacts.
  • BNC connectors are used for audio or signal I/O connections, and removable euro-block screw terminal connectors are used for remote control and status to simplify wiring and service,
    euroblock mating plugs are supplied.
  • The power-up source selection feature allows the user to select which source is active at power up, including the last source selected.
  • If power is lost, the last selected channel is passed to the output.
  • Fully RFI proofed.
  • Surge protected internal power supply, universal switching power supply with domestic connector supplied. International connectors optional.
  • Up to three units may be mounted on the optional RA-1 rack shelf. Desk top and wall mounting is also possible.



Switching/routing applications include: Composite stereo audio, NTSC video signals, Analog and/or AES audio sources, Studio selection, Audio processing selection, Exciter input selection, STL source selection, EAS audio, RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 data signals and telephone lines.