Burk AutoPilot ARC SOLO

AutoPilot® ARC SOLO

Monitoring and Control Software


AutoPilot® Control Everything from One App. 

AutoPilot enables multi-site, PC-based facilities management for the entire line of Burk remote controls, including ARC Plus Touch, ARC Plus, ARC Plus SL, ARC Solo, ARC-16, GSC3000 and VRC2500. AutoPilot's fully customizable interface makes managing remote sites easy for operators, engineers and managers. Built-in reports are easily tailored to individual needs, and can be printed automatically or emailed as a PDF to station personnel. AutoPilot also includes network management functionality, bridging the gap between broadcast and IT by including SNMP and ping with traditional I/O.


AutoPilot ARC SOLO     AutoPilot license for ARC Solo. One license required per ARC Solo.  Include unit serial number with order.