Burk Plus-X 300

Plus-X 300 


Key Features

  • Cost-effective I/O expansion

  • Easy to install

  • Supports a wide range of applications from small sites to expanded I/O at larger sites

  • Input channels configurable as metering or status for flexible implementation


IP-based I/O Deploys Everywhere

Now it’s easier than ever to monitor and control equipment in all areas of the facility using simple, Ethernet-based connectivity. The Plus-X 300 eight-channel I/O interface adds eight metering or status inputs and eight relay outputs to any new or existing ARC Plus remote control system, providing a versatile, cost-effective expansion path. Thanks to IP connectivity between the Plus-X 300 and the ARC Plus, installation is straightforward. Sample voltages connect directly to the Plus-X 300 using the included Phoenix-type connectors. There is no need for external breakout panels.