Burk Plus-X AC-8 Outlet Controller

Burk PLUS-X AC-8


Key Features

  • Remotely power cycle and control equipment via AC

  • Built-in web control

  • Easy local control with front-panel buttons

  • Ideal for use with the ARC Plus, easy to integrate with any remote control.


Remote Outlet Control Means Fewer Site Visits

The Plus-X AC-8 remote outlet controller makes it easy to manage power to 120V equipment at remote locations. Connect the Plus-X AC-8 to PCs, servers and other IT or broadcast equipment, and save wasted drive time when remote gear needs a power cycle. Connect the Plus-X AC-8 to the Burk ARC Plus, interface it with an existing transmitter remote control, or operate it in web-only mode. No matter what you choose, the Plus-X AC-8 offers unmatched versatility.