CallMe-CloudShow - Browser to Browser for 5 participants

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CallMe-CloudShow - Browser to Browser for 5 participants


CallMe diRECt-X is an enhancement to our well-established CallMe-diRECt Cloud Codec service which is widely-used by Journalists, Podcasters and Voice-Over artists to connect over the internet by linking the Host’s Browser to the Guest’s Browser to stream LIVE 20kHz two-way low-delay audio with the additional capability of the host being able to record the conversation.  The diRECt-X upgrade provides simultaneous conferencing up to 5 separate contributors plus the host (six in total) with each receiving mix-minus / clean-feed return audio.  No Hardware codec is required by either the Host or any of the Guests; everything takes place in the Browser.

An address book is maintained with new Guest Contributors sent a link or QR code that connects them to the Host, who can add them to the session via their browser interface which initiates low-delay 20kHz 2-way Opus audio streaming.  Echo Cancellation can be enabled to avoid the need for Guests to have separate headsets – though this is of course advisable.  The streams are end-to-end encrypted and in-browser recordings, which are downloaded to the Host in the background, can be initiated for later use, thus avoiding that gurgling gargling sound which can occur with poor internet connectivity.