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Complete FM Transmitter combination Kit for 1 KW Power - 305 Transmitter 1000W

Complete FM Transmitter combination Kit for 1 KW Power - 305 Transmitter 1000W

The 305 Transmitter Pack 1000 W package consists in all the necessary items you need to purchase for a transmitter site of a 1000 W Transmitter keeping in consideration the necessary protection of your equipment.

This package consist of:  

  • (1) 1 KW Solid State compact ELENOS ETG1000 FM Transmitter Indium Transmitter With Composite (MPX) input. Eco-Saving Technology offering high AC-to-RF efficiency and low AC power consumption.
  • (1) E-box for remote operation of the transmitter. With the E-box you will be able not only to control the transmitter but also to see hundreds of parameters from you iPhone, Android or web browser but also to receive alarms.
  • (1) 4 Bay antenna system from AOL Broadcast with circular polarization, omnidirectional patterns and 4.5 dBd gain with a maximum capacity of 3 KW input connector of 7/8”.
  • (150) feed of transmission line 1/2” Coaxial.
  • (1) Hanger kit to attached the transmitter line to the tower.
  • (1) Grounding kit for the transmission line.
  • (1) 7/16” Connectors with Inner and kit.
  • (1) 7/8: Connector.
  • (1) 3 KVA SINGLE-phase UPS  Continuous power conditioning, even when not running on battery.
  • (1) Surge Protector 120KVA Single Phasejam078.
  • (1) Candelabra with four elements Lighting protector.
  • (1) 20U Transmitter Rack.
  • (1) Rack Door with dust filter.

We also recommend having a full redundancy by implementing a backup transmitted with automatic Switch, and a Dummy Load. As an extra protection a good grounding system is a MUST and an isolated transformer is highly recommended. Please ask our Engineers Experts at 305 for more suggestions. 

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