Complete NEWS ROOM STATION Combo Kit - 305 News Room

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Complete NEWS ROOM STATION Combo Kit - 305 News Room

This 305 News Room configuration is designed especially with the needs you may have when preparing a space specially designed for News. In this package we bring the Side Board from Wheatstone, where you can take control of the microphones and audio sources, quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, we’ve have included the voice processor from Vorsis, which counts with compressors and gates to help you control the audio levels and equalization, with built-in memory that helps save your previous pre-sets.

The News Room is accompanied by a pair of dynamic range microphones from Rode, these have low impedance and are designed especially for radio, with its filter to minimize the consonant sounds that can overload the microphone capsule and sound distortion.

For monitoring, we’re including monitors carbon fiber 5 inches with minimal diffraction filter; we’ve also added the Tascam audio player CD with digital audio output, and an audio player with solid memory, in which you can store up to 240 hours of production. To finalize, we’ve given the responsibility to Sennheiser adding a lightweight diaphragm to boost the bass and low, with a pressure level of up to 115dB and THD of 0.5%.