Complete On Air Broadcast control room Studio Combo Kit - 305 On Air Studio Basic

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Complete On Air Broadcast control room Studio Combo Kit - 305 On Air Studio Basic

An ideal setting for an educational radio, or online community that seeks to invest in high quality equipment guarding their initial investment. In this setting we open the space for the client to use a unique cockpit for talent and guests, or if you want to be added as an option to any of our packages Talk show packages. 

With this configuration we include the console Air-1 from AudioArts, which includes a pre-amplifier for 2 microphones, 6 stereo inputs and a USB port which can communicate with your automation system. 

We include in the package the WinMedia automation system with the necessary licenses for music composition. WinMedia is considered the most powerful automation system in the industry. You can have full control of the audio released into the air putting repetition rules, which allow you to specify how many times you can air audio out. Please note that installation and training for this software is not included on this package. 

For microphones, we use two low impedance dynamic microphones, by Rode, specially designed for voice and noise rejection filter environment that helps minimize the consonant sounds and project a more dynamic voice also include their respective arms. 

For monitoring and returns, DJs will have about 3 inches and a closed professional headphones by Samsom. In addition, our package includes a Tascam CD Player, and a solid state recorder and player and a professional audio card of the brand Digigram with balanced output, 24 bit digital processing and 24 dBu output level. Also in this package we offer a tuner am / fm by Tascam, that includes a RDS decoder and digital hybrid by JK Audio.

Finally, for signaling we include an "On Air" accompanied by a relay box from Henry Engineering, a pack of 20 panels sound absorption material, a rack of 8 spaces and a kit of cables and connectors.