Complete On Air Broadcast control room Studio Combo Kit - 305 On Air Studio medium IP

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Complete On Air Broadcast control room Studio Combo Kit - 305 On Air Studio medium IP 

The 305 On Air Medium IP package is designed for those radio stations that are looking to have the most updated equipment but in turn seek to maintain a more conservative budget in a cab for the operator because the talent shows and guests will be in the equipped TalkShow Room ready for the live shows.

This package consists of a modular console with IP technology and signal flow in Gigabit which guarantees the stability of the network, with 12 audio channels, selectable illumination in LED displays, and it's scalable to up to 128 channels from the AudioArts IP-12 console. We have included the Mix Engine, with a Blade of 8 audio inputs. We've also included a driver that replaces the need to use an audio card. 

For automation, we offer the WinMedia automation system with necessary licenses for music composition. WinMedia is considered the most powerful automation system in the industry. You can have full control of the audio released into the air putting repetition rules, which allow you to specify how many times you can air out audio, please note that installation and training are not included in the package price.

Anticipating that in some cases the DJ may be the main talent of the radio, we have considered a premium microphone condenser from Neumann, made in Germany, its ergonomic design and its response range from 20 Hz to 20Khz, results in excellent sound quality. We've also included microphones arms from MIKA "On Air" designed without springs, and made of aluminum which ensure its durability and efficiency. Additionally, we have the digital microphone processor from Vorsis, where you can pre-sets voice settings of each of your DJ's or talents. For monitoring and returns, the DJ will have some carbon fiber monitors 8 inches, and / or professional headphones from Sennheiser, with a tolerance of 1% distortion and can reproduce all frequencies offering the best audio reference. In addition, this package includes two Tascam professional CD players, digital audio output, a solid state recorder and player with a storage capacity of up to 230 hours and of course a hybrid digital telephone lines 4, which has a dual DSP algorithm convergence provides excellent separation of noise exceeding 50 decibels, all under the brand JK Audio. 

Finally, our package wouldn't be complete without our "On Air" signaling, and a complete package of material including acoustic bass trap, and 24 panels absorbing material.