Complete Recording Studio for FM Station combo Kit - 305 Recording Studio Premium IP

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Complete Recording Studio for FM Station combo Kit - 305 Recording Studio Premium IP

With this 305 Recording Premium IP studio package we offer an internal recording area that integrates IP network connection of the radio’s audio, and all software and hardware necessary to make the ideal recording jingles and productions.

For this package we offer a modular expandable console from Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2, which includes a FireWire interface to communicate with the included Capture & Studio One Software specialized for producing recording. 

The mixer can be completely controlled from the PC , and also offers even interface for iphone and ipad for wireless communication as well as including over 130 exclusive pre-processing production sets.

We’ve included in the package the WinMedia automation system with the necessary licenses for commercial recording and Traffic. WinMedia is considered the most powerful automation system in the industry. Please note that installation and training are not included in the package price.

With respect to microphones, we’re including 2 microphones, one condenser microphone from Neumann, made in Germany, its ergonomic design and its response range from 20 Hz to 20kHz, ideal for recording booths which will be a stud in floor, the other microphone is a dynamic one from Rode, specially designed for voice and noise rejection filter environment that helps minimize the consonant sounds and project a clearer voice in his arm with both Popper Stopper. We also include a digital dual channel voice processor from Vorsis.

For IP connection with other studies of the season include a Blade of 8 inputs and outputs. For monitoring and returns, the operator will have some self-powered monitors 8 inch carbon fiber and one professional closed headphones from Sennheiser.

In regards to audio sources, we include a Digigram audio card with balanced output, 24 bit digital processing and 24 dBu output level, a Tascam CD recorder as well as a solid state recorder player. We also include a CD player from Tascam as well.

Finally, our package wouldn't be complete without our "Recording" signaling, and a complete package of material including acoustic bass trap, 24 panels absorbing material, and a table of 8 rack spaces.