Complete setup for a Radio Broadcast engineering Rack Room - 305 rack room Medium

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Complete setup for a Radio Broadcast engineering Rack Room - 305 rack room Medium

The 305 Rack Room Medium is a part of our packages series where we gather all engineering equipment for the radio. Usually, in this type of configuration we can find transmitters, link systems, SPS receivers, among other equipment Codecs.

In this package we’ve included various equipment necessary for the proper functioning of your radio, and in this particular package we have chosen the very best for you. 

Our Rack Room includes a rack monitor from Fostex, in case you want to listen the audio occurring in your radio station. It also includes, a digital modulation monitor that can be accessed via the Internet, and an FM receiver that is a very important audio source. 

In RDS, we have a dynamic generator from Inovonics, which works in conjunction with a RDS license from WinMedia also present in this package, so you can have the RDS in sync to get communications with your automation software, so your listeners can see the text you want to share right from their receptors.

In 305 Broadcast we care for the safety of your investment and equipment, for this offer in this package include everything regarding protection for your equipment in your radio station.

We’ve thought of everything in this particular package, this is why we’ve included a double conversion online UPS with 10 KW capacity sufficient for your station, accompanied with a surge connector for the telephone lines.

All this equipment will be places in a rack from Middle Atlantic, 40 spaces with screws, with enough space to fit all of you equipment.