D&R Airence USB - 6 Ch On-Air/Production Console

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D&R Airence USB - On Air/Production Console

The Airence-USB is designed to be the focal point for local radio production work in the studio or... at home. It’s understandable features makes it the ideal companion for rapid on-the-spot radio programs.

The Airence is compact, reliable and 19" rack mounting ideal for production rooms. It can also double as an On-Air mixer or implemented as your own Internet Radio station.

If your budget is tight start with the 6 channel version which is a complete system to begin with.

And it never becomes obsolete as it can be used as pre-production mixer, if, at a later date, you fit in a larger On-Air mixer. And.. if more inputs are needed hook up the Airence-EXT and instantly you have 6 more triple inputs. Not enough? Buy another 6 channel unit to expand to 18 or even more input channels.




Mic inputs: bal, 2 kOhm, XLR. ,48 volt Phantom.

Noise: - 128 dBr (A-weighted). (That 1501)

Sensitivity: - 70dB min, OdB Max.

Insert: Jack unbalanced send 600 Ohm -10dBV.

Aux Return unbalanced 10kOhm -10dBv.

Line inputs: unbal.., 10kOhm, Cinch.

Gain: range of 40dB.

Phono inputs: unbal. 47kOhm, 5 mV. (optional)

USB: 4x Stereo in and 4x stereo out.

Extern in: - 10 dBV at 10kOhm.

Aux returns: - 10 dBv at 10kOhm stereo



Fully compliant with USB 2.0 playback and record mode.

4x Stereo in and Main stereo or SUB signals out.

HID Functions: Volume|Mute|Control


Main unit

Width: 482mm, Front Panel Thickness: 2mm

Corner Radius: 20 mm

Height: 355mm

Depth: 101.50mm.

Weight: 9kg.

Drop through hole: 450mm x 344mm

Furniture top panel thickness maximum: 22mm


RJ-11 connectors for phone line/dialler

Mix Minus rejection @1kHz -40dB.



If you have opted for VoIP channels a USB connector is placed in the lower RJ-11 position.
The other RJ-11 provides you with a cleanfeed signal on pin 1+4 or a ring signalling control.


Left/Right: + 6dBu bal. XLR.

Monitor/Aux : + 6dBu unbal. on Cinch.

Studio: + 6dBu, Jacks. Tape outp: -10dBv.

Headphone: 32-600 Ohm, Jack.

Announcer: 32-600 Ohm, Jack.

USB out: Main program stereo signal or SUB


AES digital output (mounted in redundant power supply hole)



High: + / -12 dB at 12kHz shelving.

Mid: + / -12dB at 1 kHz bell curve.

Low: + / -12dB at 60 Hz shelving.