D&R Extension unit for Airence-USB

We try to have plenty of inventory available to satisfy our customer's needs, however Due to the recent supply chain situation. We suggest you verify by contacting us Availability before placing your order online.

D&R Extension unit for Airence-USB

If more inputs are needed, you can purchase the Airence-EXT(ender) unit and instantly you have 6more triple inputs

with each giving you a low noise Mic and 2 stereo line inputs

under control.

Line level B can be converted into a Phono pre-amp by way of

the optional RIAA preamp that can be ordered as an option.

You can install as many Airence Extender units to your Airence

Main as needed.

All units are easily connected with each other by an

included 15P Sub-D connector. 

Just for safety; always switch OFF your console, before you connect a new Extender unit to your Airence Main unit.