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The 3CX6000A7/YU-148 high-mu, forced air cooled power triode provides relatively high power output as an amplifier, oscillator, or modulator at low plate voltages. The tube has a low inductance cylindrical filament stem structure which readily becomes part of a linear filament tank circuit for VHF operation. The grid provides shielding between the input and output circuits for grounded grid applications and conveniently terminates in a ring between the plate and filament terminals.

Characteristics: - Plate Dissipation (Max.): 6,000 Watts - Screen Dissipation (Max.): N/A - Grid Dissipation (Max.): 225 Watts - Frequency for Max. rating (CW): 110 MHz - Amplification Factor: 200 - Filament/Cathode :Thoriated Tungsten - Voltage: 7.0 Volts - Current: 78.0 Amps - Capacitance: Grounded Cathode - Input: 42.0 pf - Output: 0.28 pf - Feedthrough: 24 pf - Capacitance: N/A - Input: N/A - Output: N/A - Feedthrough: N/A - Cooling: Forced Air - Base: Special, Coaxial - Air Socket: N/A - Air Chimney: N/A - Boiler: N/A - Length: 9.00 in; 22.86 cm - Diameter: 6.125 in; 15.56 cm - Weight: 9.1 lb; 4.1 kg