Evertz Dream Catcher Video Replay

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Welcome to the Revolution...

DreamCatcher is changing the face of production and instant replay. Not only the pioneer of 4K zoom and Mosaic, DreamCatcher also offers the most robust, scalable and modern IP-based replay system in the industry today. DreamCatcher's rapid editing capabilities combined with enhanced production workflow allow replay operators to be true craftsman in their profession.

Unparalleled User Experience

Intuitive Touch Interface

Customizable Interface Tailored for Operators

DreamCatcher offers an intuitive, customizable graphical user interface for fast and easy editing. The touch interface provides a modern user experience with drag and drop capabilities. The user interface reduces the learning curve for novice operators while giving expert operators a powerful story telling tool.

Integrated Multiviewer

The DreamCatcher system features a built-in, fully customizable multiviewer for enhanced replay. Easily configure and view your inputs and outputs. Add and modify smart labels that provide key information for your editing needs.

New Tools To Tell A Better Story

Pioneer of 4K Zoom

Go tighter on the action while keeping a crystal clear picture

Deliver an immersive experience using DreamCatcher's advanced capture and zoom technology. With DreamCatcher, the pioneer of UltraHD 4K replay, capture the action at high frame rates, zoom into multiple points, and freeze the frame at the critical moment.

* Zoom is also available for HD and 1080p

Play Tracker for Zoom

Track every moment with precision

Zoom in tight and still keep all the action in view using DreamCatcher's Play Tracker engine. Easily build a key frame sequence with DreamCatcher's innovative UI and quickly bring a truly unique look to air.


Show simultaneous angles at the same time

Simultaneously view and composite multiple synchronized angles using DreamCatcher's mosaic. Design customized window layouts and graphical templates to give a unique and branded look.

Built-in Time Editor

Easily monitor and manipulate your content

DreamCatcher offers an integrated editing interface that allows the user to manipulate audio and video with ease. Swap channels, mute portions of clips, and mix video & audio independently using this powerful user friendly graphical editing tool.

File Based Workflows

Fully Integrated

TNLE Integration

DreamCatcher's file based workflow allows for seamless integration with all modern Non Linear Editing software such as Final Cut Pro, AVID and Adobe Premiere. This enables the user to simply extract content, edit the video using one of the NLE's and bring it back into the DreamCatcher system.

Built-in Transcoding & Format Conversion

DreamCatcher's built-in transcoding engine supporting numerous codecs and file wrappers, can easily integrate into most file based workflows. Have multiple formats? 720p, 1080i and 1080p? No problem! DreamCatcher makes dealing with multiple formats a breeze using its integrated conversion tools.

Multiple Export Profiles

Export content to multiple locations, codecs and video formats simultaneously. For example, publish content for mobile delivery while simultaneously exporting in a different format and codec to your Non Linear Editing system.

Extending Your Reach

MAM Integration

DreamCatcher fully integrates with Evertz' Media Asset Manager - Mediator, streamlining the entire workflow from capture to playout. Using advanced metadata and database search technology, DreamCatcher can quickly find and transfer content to and from Mediator.