Evertz EMR Video Router

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The EMR is a multi-format modular router that provides a high density solution without compromising functionality. The EMR provides a unified platform for routing video as well as other formats. The EMR uses a proprietary X-Link interface to produce a video router that is both cost effective and powerful.

A single 6RU frame can accommodate 128x128 video signals, and expansion beyond this is as easy as adding another frame. With two 6RU frames, the EMR can accommodate 256x256 video signals with full redundancy.

The modular design of the EMR means that there are no limitations to the signal formats that can be added to the router, or limitations to the size at which it can be expanded to. Other products that can be combined with the EMR are audio routing, master control switchers, multi-viewers and more.

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The EMR allows any mix of formats within a frame. The inputs and outputs are scalable in blocks of 32. A system consists of the input stage, the crosspoint, and the output stage. Each input and output device is connected to the crosspoint through a proprietary X-Link connection. It is the use of this connection that provides the flexibility for the system to scale and evolve with changing needs.



  • Video Routing
  • Support for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVB-ASI, SMPTE ST 310 and more
  • Scalable to 128x128 in a single 6RU frame
  • Scalable to 288x288 in two 6RU frames
  • Input expansion in steps of 32
  • Output expansion in steps of 32
  • Source-by-source intelligent auto configuration
  • Input equalization (on/off)
  • Output reclocking (on/off)
  • ASI mode (on/off)
  • Variable switch point
  • Advanced system control & interfacing
  • Supports the full range of Quartz remote control panels
  • Full VistaLINK® PRO command & control, SNMP & AVM
  • Supports a wide selection of control protocols
  • Ethernet, Serial RS-422/RS-232 connections
  • Full integration with 3rd party automation systems
  • High availability, 24/7 design
  • Full modular design
  • All modules are hot swappable
  • All components are front accessible
  • Passive I/O
  • External MI connection
  • Redundant frame controller
  • Redundant crosspoint
  • Redundant power supply
  • VistaLINK® PRO SNMP monitoring of I/O modules