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Master Control Switching & Channel Branding

Master Control is the heart of any broadcast facility. Demands for reliability, serviceability, and signal protection are essential. Equally essential, is a Master Control that can be expanded to provide for future growth as facilities migrate from analog to SD to HD. Many broadcasters look at master control as a major long-term investment The QMC-2 master control switcher has been designed to meet the current Master Control needs with the capacity to meet future needs. The QMC-2 platform provides a cost-effective solution for facilities converting to SD and HD. The hardware platform runs solid field-proven software to form a foundation that meets the latest playout and branding needs. Other major features the platform includes are bypass and emergency inputs, hot-swappable hardware, and redundant power supplies. Combined, these features create a reliable system for 24/7 year round programming. Evertz? Integrated Solution ? The QMC-2 offers a unique approach to Master Control with SD and HD channels with a number of options and a broad selection of configurable control panels. QMC-2 systems can be assembled to meet any need and size. A QMC-2 system is comprised of an upstream router, feeding a number of processing channels. This architecture allows systems to scale from a single channel up to a complex multi-channel installation with minimal effort. The feature rich QMC-2 can be easily controlled under automation or manual control. The QMC-2 intelligent LCD pushbutton control panels give operators high flexibility in panel layout and user-friendly functionality. The QMC-2 also integrates seamlessly with the Evertz multi-viewer MVP product line, which allows customers to have a complete "turn key" master control solution. The QMC-2 Platform QMC-2 is designed to support both high definition and standard definition video formats. The formats include: 525i/59.94, 625i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 1080i/59.94, and 1080i/50. Each QMC-2 processes a complete Program and Preset path, which provides a Program output and a full "look-a-head" Preview of the next transition. A third Emergency input allows users to quickly go to a safe feed in case of emergency. The QMC-2 also provides an auxiliary output for "Clean feeds". For audio, the QMC-2 provides support for 16 channels of embedded audio on the Program, Preset, and Emergency inputs. It also provides for discrete AES inputs and AES outputs. The QMC-2 frame is 3RU with dual power supplies. The frame has built-in bypass relays, which provide maximum protection for the Program and Clean feed in cases of failure. The frame has been designed to allow for two HD or SD QMC-2 channels to operate independently of each other.