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Radio Receiver, AM/FM, 40 Memories, with VU Meter



AM/FM radio receiver with Professional characteristics, digital display and up to  40 sorage memories for each band with digital VU modulation level meter.

Tunner M2 can be used to monitor with precision and fidelity the audio transmitted by a AM or FM radio station, its electronic circuit was developed for professional applications and has high linearity in audio demodulation and fidelity on frequency response.

tunner m2 front


Has balanced audio outputs on the back panel with XLR connectors and AM and FM antenna inputs wih BNC connectors.

In its front panel, the equipment has a font amplifier with high power and sound fidelity, a LCD display and buttons to access the adjustment parameters of the product such as frequency tunes, memories, etc, also a high precision digital VU that measures the stations modulation level. It´s important to mention that this equipment is tunner with VU that measures the modulation, it´s not possible to measure the pilot (19KHz) level as well as (L+R) and (L-R) levels.

It is possible to store up to 40 different stations on both AM and FM bands and the equipment also counts with automatic frequency search resources and sleep function.

tunner m2 back


Can be used in radio stations as a receiver to monitor the high fidelity or general sounds, has characteristics for professional applications.

Provided in rack standard with brushed stainless steel panel.

Power input Full Range – 90 to 240V / 47 to 63Hz.


Dimentions (Rack standard - WxHxD)

  • 19” x 1,75” x” pol.;



  • 5,51 lbs with package.

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