For-A FA9500

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FA-9500, the Utmost in Frame Synchronizers

The FA-9500 is a multipurpose signal processor loaded with the functions you need for video production. The unit supports 3G-SDI, HD/SD-SDI, and analog composite I/O. In addition to its functionality as a frame synchronizer, it also provides up/down/cross/aspect converter, color corrector, and automatic video optimizer (AVO) as standard features. It can convert many types of video and audio signals. Numerous additional functions include, as options, analog component I/O, logo generator, Dolby E encoder/decoder. By combining these varied options, a single unit can provide optimal functionality for all video production scenes, including that for transmission, line production, news reporting, production, editing and distribution. As long as you have an FA-9500, you won't need any other piece of peripheral video equipment.

3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI/Analog Composite I/O

For video input, 3 inputs come standard (2 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and 1 analog composite input). When you add options, you can select 1 channel from up to 4 inputs. Two SDI input channels are independently synchronized, so during switchover there is no “shock” to either video or audio signals. In addition, each SDI input has an error detection function. When the signal is cut off or an error detected, a clean switch is triggered and effects a seamless changeover to the other channel. (optional)
Selected input signals go through 2 converter circuits and are respectively output as SDI and analog composite signals. Each channel has 2 distributed outputs. SDI and analog composite both additionally are provided with an I/O bypass function in case power is cut or there is an emergency.

Powerful Frame Synchronizer Performance

FOR-A’s frame synchronizers have always exhibited superior performance when processing video with poor quality signals. Synchronizer modes that can be selected include Frame, Line, Input and AVDL modes. The automatic AVDL adjustment range is 5H in HD, 1H in SD. 
Moreover, in every mode both H and V ancillary data can be passed through.*
*If input/output formats differ, packets that can be passed through are subject to limitations.

Automatic Video Optimizer (AVO)

This feature lets you monitor video in real time and automatically correct it to normal levels. Ideal for correcting over/under-exposed video, video with exposure better suited to the background than the subject, and so on.

  • Real time correction: Monitors the video white level, black level and gamma curve and automatically corrects them to normal levels (Processing time: Minimum of 1 frame)
  • Dynamic range correction: Recognizes dark and bright areas in video, and implements ideal corrections only in places requiring correction, in order to output highly viewable video with a wide dynamic range
  • Correction range adjustment function: Allows you to set the range for level adjustment (e.g. set level subject to correction of dark areas)
  • Mask function: Allows you to set unnecessary areas for monitoring within the video (e.g. designate places where captions are displayed)

3G Signal Support

In addition to ordinary 1.5 Gbps HD signal processing, the FA-9500 also supports 3Gbps signal processing. Aside from 3G-SDI signal I/O, the FA-9500 offers 2-way conversion with ordinary HD and SD signals.

Digital/Analog Audio I/O

Like video signals, audio signals have digital and analog I/O. Provided are sixteen synchronous/asynchronous channels* of embedded audio, 8 channels of AES/EBU, and 4 channels of analog audio are provided, supporting audio signals of a total of 28 input channels and 28 output channels. Many types of signal processing are possible, including embedding and de-embedding with video signals and A/D, D/A conversion, flexibly supporting even multi-channel audio content. Individual sampling rate converters are provided for each audio channel. Signal processing without any phase gap between channels is possible for such processes as delay adjustment, level adjustment, down-mixing and remapping.
*During HD input/output only. In SD, only synchronous audio is supported, and at most there are 16 input channels and 12 output channels.

Up/Down/Cross/Aspect Converter

In addition to A/D and D/A conversion, an up/down/cross/aspect converter is standard equipment on the FA-9500. Besides mutual conversion between HD and SD, the FA-9500 offers mutual conversion between 1080i format and 720p format (IP conversion) and video expansion and shrinkage.

Second Converter

In addition to the ordinary up/down/cross/aspect conversion process, 1 more converter channel is provided for up/down/cross/aspect conversion. If HD/SD simultaneous output is required, this unit is all it takes to deal flexibly with that requirement.

Color Corrector

A color correction function is also standard. In addition to implementing color corrections with 3 color correction modes (balance, differential and sepia), original colors in selected color spaces can be reproduced using gamma adjustment or various level adjustment functions.

  • Three types of color correction modes (balance, differential and sepia)
  • Gamma adjustment function (high, mid and low tone)
  • White level and black level adjustment
  • Various clip functions (YPbPr, RGB)

Logo Generator

  • This feature lets you impose logo images, including corporate logos and net logos. Data is maintained even when the power is off. This feature can be used for branding purposes, or as a side panel added to a 4:3 video in place of a logo.