For-A FRC-8000


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The FRC-8000 is a multi-format frame rate converter for both HD and SD. Based on FOR-A’s highly successful HD Frame Rate Converter FRC-7000 with motion compensation technology, the FRC-8000 features a host of advanced functions as well as excellent image quality. 
In addition to HD format conversion, the new image processing board in the FRC-8000 also enables SD format conversion. Up converter, down converter, and cross converter functions are also provided for converting to various formats.



HD/SD multi-format support

  • The FRC-8000 features HD-SDI and SD-SDI input and output (for input) and frame rate conversion of a wide range of format SDI signals, including 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 525/60 and 625/50.

Up, down, and cross converters

  • Up, down, and cross converters included as standard not only for frame rate conversion, but also up conversion from SD to HD, down conversion from HD to SD, and cross conversion between 1080i and 720p, all using a single FRC-8000 unit.

Conversion with Motion Compensation Processing

  • With linear converters that do simple frame rate conversion, there has been a problem of doing appropriate conversion for moving objects. FOR-A’s FRC series, with our proven image processing technology, realizes motion compensation processing by using motion vectors. It detects motion vectors of objects and generates the object’s motion in interpolated frames from the amount of vector fluctuation in the frames before and after, realizing frame rate conversion with minimal juddering.

Scene Cut Detection

  • Another issue with frame rate conversion is the processing of scene changes. Since conversion generates interpolated frames from frames, scene changes become composite images surrounding of the before and after frames and appropriate images cannot be acquired. With its function to detect scene cuts, the FRC-8000 detects scene changes automatically so that frame rate conversion is performed without using motion compensation processing on unrelated data for the frames before and after scene cuts.

Progressive Format Support

  • With improved motion estimate/compensation ability, smooth motion conversion is now possible even for up conversions such as conversion from 1080/23.98PsF to 1080/59.94i. (option)

Text Field Automatic Detection

  • Automatically detects rolling text superimposed on the video and can make optimal conversion for uncompromised character depiction. Also allows manual specification of fields for static superimposed text (date, time, program title, logo, etc.), so that these portions can be treated alone without performing motion compensation processing.


  • The video and audio signals in frame rate conversion are output in sync with a sync signal supplied internally or externally. Two independent input terminal channels are provided for sync, and tri-level sync and BB can be selected for input.

Proc Amp

  • Process control can be done to converted images. It is possible to send optimal images by adjusting video level, chroma level, chroma phase, set up level and various clips.

Embedded audio support

  • Compatible with 48kHz, 24-bit embedded 8-channel audio signal. Also equipped with a delay function to adjust audio for image processing. One can make adjustments without there being any phase difference between video and audio. (Check with your FOR-A representative for details on when support will become available for asynchronous embedded audio.)

AES/EBU digital audio support

  • By installing optional FRC-80DA or FRC-80DA16, it becomes possible to input asynchronous/synchronous digital audio signals. One can also build flexible audio systems combining the sample rate conversion/individual delay adjustment function and remap function.

Dolby E, AC-3 support

  • By adding FRC-70D-D and FRC-70DE-E to FRC-80DA or FRC-80DA16 as an option, one can decode and encode Dolby E data and decode AC-3 with just one FRC-8000. FRC-80DA and FRC-80DA16 are also equipped with a BB output terminal that is synchronized to input/output signals. It are also possible to supply sync signals to outside Dolby E/AC-3 devices. Even if you already have a Dolby E decoder/encoder, building an otherwise complicated Dolby E system can be greatly simplified.

Dolby E 2-channel encode/decode support

  • Two Dolby E Encoder FRC-70DE-E cards and two Dolby E/AC-3 Decoder FRC-70D-D cards can be installed on the optional Digital Audio Card FRC-80DA16 for enabling the encoding and decoding of two channels of Dolby E data. The FRC-8000 by itself can support multi-channel audio conversion. (FRC-80DA is supported only single encoding/decoding)


    • FRC-80PSFC : 1080p/PsF and Timecode support
      Additional expanded format options allow for the support of various frame rate conversions. This includes not only conversion from 1080/24p, commonly used in digital cinema, to 1080/59.94i used in broadcasting, but also mutual conversions between various frame rate formats regardless progressive or interlaced format.


    • FRC-80SO : Second Output
      This option adds simultaneous HD and SD output, and can be used for HD output. Two channels of SD or HD cross-converted output (distribution output) have been added in addition to the two regular output channels (distribution output).

      - Supported formats: 1080/60i, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 720/60p, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 525/60, 625/50 (If a format other those listed here is set as an output format, simultaneous output is not supported)
      - Aspects that can be set: Squeeze, 16:9, 14:9, 13:9, 4:3 (when SD output is selected)
      *If SD output is selected, simultaneous output is not supported
      *Maximum input cable length: 100m (5C-FB or equivalent)


    • FRC-80FP : Front Control Panel
      A control panel that can be installed in place of the standard front panel. With its touch panel type large size LCD panel and various direct buttons, it enables a visually intuitive display of format selection as well as audio processing and delay processing, which otherwise tend to become complicated.

      - Equipped with a tilt mechanism to enable adjusting the angle of the operating interface.
      - Equipped with 5.7-inch LCD touch panel.


    • FRC-80RU : Remote Control Uni
      A remote control unit common for FRC-8000.

      - Lets the user change various parameter settings of the FRC-8000.
      - Saves one to four events from the FRC-8000 for later access.
      - One remote control unit can control up to four connected FRC-8000.


    • FRC-70D-D : Dolby E/AC-3 Decoder
      A Dolby E and AC-3 decoder card that can be installed onto the FRC-80DA and FRC-80DA16. Input Dolby E or AC-3 signals as AES/EBU or embedded into HD-SDI signals.


    • FRC-70DE-E : Dolby E encoder
      A Dolby E encoder card that can be installed onto the FRC-80DA and FRC-80DA16. Enables the output of HD-SDI embedded audio or AES/EBU input as a Dolby E signal.


    • FRC-80DA/80DA16 : Digital Audio Input/Output Card
      An audio expansion card for the FRC-8000, supporting up to 8 (FRC-80DA) or 16 (FRC-80DA16) channels of audio signals.

      - 8-channel AES/EBU input/output support (FRC-80DA): supports connection to multi-channel audio devices.
      - 16-channel AES/EBU input/output support (FRC-80DA16): supports connection to multi-channel audio devices such as HDCAM-SR.
      - Equipped with individual delay adjustment function.
      - Equipped with automatic assignment function for input/output including Dolby signals, and automatic delay adjustment function.
      - Audio channel remap function.
      - Equipped with a BB output terminal synchronized to input/output SDI signals. It can supply sync signals to the outside, so when a Dolby E device is already present in the system, building an otherwise complicated Dolby E system can be greatly simplified.


    • FRC-80WEB : WEB Browser Control
      Control option for FRC-8000. Enables remote control and status monitoring of FRC-8000 via PC from an Internet browser.

      - Enables changes of various parameter settings of FRC-8000.
      - Saves one to four events of FRC-8000 and controls access to them.
      - No software installation: There is no need for special software to be installed since an Internet browser is used for remote control and status monitoring.