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A Low Cost, High Performance, Custom-Built Switcher


Why pay for more than you really need? Every single HVS-500HS is custom-built to fit the customer's exact needs. No more extra cost for functions you'll never use and no more wasted I/O's. Take advantage of FOR-A's proven broadcast technology in a low-cost, fully-customizable, and portable One Box System.


Simple & Compact, but Powerful
The HVS-500HS is an HD/SD-compatible, yet portable switcher that combines the easy operation and powerful features that FOR-A's HANABI series is famous for. The compact case houses a wide array of functions to give you unrivaled mobility.


Selectable Inputs and Outputs
Both digital and analog input and output boards are available for users to freely create their own combinations to match their needs. 21 different configurations with several hundred variations of signal I/O formats are possible. The HVS-500HS enables you to find the optimal I/O configuration for your particular operating environment.

Maximum I/O configuration>
8 HD/SD SDI Inputs
4 Analog Inputs
5 HD/SD SDI Outputs
2 Analog Outputs
Max. 12 Inputs, 7 Outputs
*See the table (Slot Configuration) in the next page for more details.


One Box System
The HVS-500HS uses an integrated main unit and operation unit to provide HANABI's trademark compact body and enhanced mobility design for enabling superior portability and usage in any possible operating environment.

DSK with Chroma Key Function
The HVS-500HS includes one DSK channel with a chroma key function as standard features.


Freely-Assignable DSK
DSK can be assigned to either PGM, AUX 1, 2, or 3.


Two Still Stores
The basic input provides two still stores. USB memory is supported for importing images created on a workstation or exporting still stores.


HD/SD Switchable
HVS-500HS is switchable between HD or SD formats by simply reinitializing the mode setup. It supports various HD formats such as 1080/60i and 720/60p and SD formats.


Supported formats;
HD formats: 1080/60i, 59.94i, 50i, 24p, 23.98p, 24PsF, 23.98PsF, 720/60p, 59.94p, 720/50p
SD formats: 525/60, 625/50

Picture-in-Picture Function
A dedicated picture-in-picture function is provided with the basic configuration. This enables the building of composites with up to two reduced-size screens without using DVEs.


Wide Array of Effects
In addition to the regular MIX transitions, NAM, FAM, and WIPE transitions are available. The HVS-500HS has 100 different preset wipe patterns.


Process Control
Both input and offset levels can be independently adjusted, enabling easy color correction and color matching on-site when using multiple cameras.


Gradation Matte
A vertical, horizontal, or diagonal gradation matte can be installed for assigning to backgrounds, wipe borders, and keyer mattes.


Fully-customizable Configuration
With the HVS-500HS, you can go beyond the standard configuration with customized inputs and outputs and a diverse array of other available options. Since you only add the required functions to match your operating environment or system, you can use different function combinations to transform the HVS-500HS into a switcher with performance optimized for your application.


We try to have plenty of inventory available to satisfy our customer's needs, however Due to the recent supply chain situation. We suggest you verify by contacting us Availability before placing your order online.

Selectable Inputs and Outputs


HVS-50HSDI: HD/SD-SDI Input Card


Install up to 8 HD/SD-SDI inputs. (4 inputs/card)
Maximum two cards can be installed.

HVS-50HSAI: HD/SD Analog Input Card


Choose your analog input format from the following card configurations. Maximum two cards can be installed.
- Component (HD/SD) x 2
- Component (SD) x 1 and Composite (SD) x 1
- DVI-A (RGB)* x 1 and Component (HD/SD) x 1
- DVI-A (RGB)* x 1 and Composite (SD) x 1
- Composite (SD) x 2
*The HVS-50FS or HVS-50AIF is required for configuring analog inputs.
*The HVS-50FS or HVS-50AIF with HVS-50UC is required for configuring DVI inputs.

HVS-50HSDO: HD/SD-SDI Output Card


5 HD/SD-SDI outputs. (PGM x 2, AUX x 3)
Maximum one card can be installed.

HVS-50HSAO: HD/SD Analog Output Card


Choose your analog output format from the following card configurations. Maximum one card can be installed.
- Component (HD/SD) x 2 and DVI-I (RGB)* x 1
- Component (SD) x 1, Composite (SD) x 1 and DVI-I (RGB)* x 1
- Composite (SD) x 2 and DVI-I (RGB)* x 1

HVS-50HSAOA: HD/SD Analog Output Card


Choose your analog output format from the following card configurations. Maximum one card can be installed.
- Component (HD/SD) x 2
- Component (SD) x 1, Composite (SD) x 1
- Composite (SD) x 2

*DVI-I (RGB) signal is supported below:
HD mode: up to SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixel)
SD mode: up to SVGA (800 x 600 pixel)
HD mode: SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixel)
SD mode: VGA (640 x 480 pixel)

Slot Configuration


Five slots are provided for I/O boards. Each slot supports a specific card configuration for enabling the 21 combinations shown below.