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Doing any remote broadcast is a lot of work.  Doing a sports remote with multiple announcers can be a real hassle!  You need to provide headphones for each announcer.  AND you need to mix Return (IFB or “back-haul”) into the local headphone feed.  AND each announcer wants a different mix…OR “can you put the IFB in my right ear only?”….OR some announcers don’t want to hear IFB at all….OR they want more volume… OR less volume!  WHAT A HEADACHE… You end up with a maze of equipment and a rat’s nest of wiring!

TALENT POD to the rescue!  It’s the EASY and foolproof way to do remote broadcasts!

With Talent Pods, each announcer can control his own mic and headphones.  Need to mix Local and Return audio into headphones? Need a different mix for each announcer? Need to give off-air cues to just the “color guy”? No problem!  Talent Pod does it all, without  DAs and complicated wiring!

The Talent Pod is an announcer’s mic and headphone controller for use by talent at a remote broadcast. It is ideal for use at sporting events and on-location broadcasts. Talent Pod solves the problem of providing talent with a mix of Local and Return (IFB or “back- haul”) audio for their headphones. Its simplicity allows for error-free use by non-technical users; several units can be quickly linked for use at broadcasts with multiple announcers.

The Talent Pod also provides control of the announcer’s headphone audio, allowing remote-site Local audio to be mixed with the Return audio that’s sent to the site from the main studio. There are separate inputs for Local and Return audio with a Volume control for each source, so the talent can adjust the mix in his headphones. To minimize confusion between the two, Talent Pod’s two Pan switches can independently position Local and Return audio in the Left, Center, or Right channel of the announcer’s headphones.