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The NEW USB Matchbox II combines the best features of our past USB products into one unit!  It uses Burr-Brow’s recently updated phase coherent codec for superb audio quality, and sports bothanalog anddigital outputs.  The USB Matchbox II features balanced analog inputs and outputs on XLRs, plus an AES/EBU digital output, and a handy Headphone jack on the front panel.  Just plug-and-play for great audio with USB convenience and reliability!


The USB Matchbox II is a professional USB-to-XLR multi-mode stereo audio codec. It provides unparalleled audio performance with the ease of USB connectivity. The USB Matchbox II is ideal wherever computer audio needs to interface with a professional analog or digital audio system. The USB Matchbox II provides balanced analog inputs and outputs, an AES/EBU digital output, plus a Headphone output for monitoring. The USB Matchbox II solves the myriad of problems caused by using common sound cards in a broadcast or professional audio environment.

The Sound Card Problem

Using a PC sound card to interface with a professional audio system usually leads to numerous problems. The inputs and outputs are often at the wrong levels. The unbalanced interface creates ground loops that cause hum and buzz. The “EMI hurricane” within the PC case creates even more noise, and the audio quality of many sound cards is often sub-par, (despite exaggerated claims) with pedestrian design and poor component quality. Although these shortcomings may tolerated by a non-technical user, they are not acceptable in a broadcast station or professional audio installation.

The USB Matchbox II Solution

Henry Engineering’s USB Matchbox II has been designed as a true professional product that solves all of these problems. It delivers impeccable audio quality, XLR connectivity, and the convenience of a simple USB connection to the computer.

The heart of the USB Matchbox II is Burr Brown’s new generation phase coherent Delta Sigma 8X Oversampled codec with SpAct audio clock recovery architecture. The codec’s superb performance is further enhanced with proprietary L/C pre-filtering and edge-of-the-art analog circuitry, fine-tuned to eliminate the transient intermodulation products that plague the typical sound card. Careful attention to component selection and circuit board layout further enhance the design to yield true Audiophile performance: ultra smooth, open and transparent “un-digital” audio with rock-solid bass, crystal-clear highs, and exceptional transparency. The USB Matchbox II will sonically outperform nearly any sound card and even surpass the quality of many 24 bit systems.