Kroma AEQ TP4216R05

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AEQ TP4000 series


16 keys and 2 LCD screens, up to 64 virtual keys (4 pages). 2 digital ports, 1 IP port, 1 analogue port. Microphone and built-in speaker included

The 4000 series panels, with the TP5000 series as core, offers an alternative user interface: two high performance LCD displays to show the eight character labels for each crosspoint key. As the TP5000 series, it is provided with 4 different audio ports and may be connected to 3 different systems simultaneously.

The 4000 series comprises of a 1RU high 16-key rack panel (TP4016), which can be expanded by adding the EP4016 expansion  kit, with 16 additional keys, two LCDs and a dialling pad in only one extra RU high. A desktop version (TP4216) is also available.

The TP5000s are provided with 4 different audio ports: 2 digital ports, 1 IP port and 1 analogue port, what makes them compatible with any KROMA intercom matrix.

KROMA Telecom, an AEQ Brand