MCI 3-Port Series 61000 Coaxial Transfer Switches (Model A 110V)

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MCI 3-Port Series 61000 Coaxial Transfer Switches (Model A 110V)

MCI Coaxial Transfer Switches are designed primarily for application in TV, AM, FM, UHF and other broadcast related areas. As four-port transfer switches, they will switch two signal sources between loads. Since they can also be used as SPDT switches, complex-switching matrices can easily be assembled.

A unique feature of these switches is the coplanar port configuration. In most installations, this permits neater, more compact layouts and requires fewer elbows. These switches are usually one-half to onethird the weight and occupy between one-half and one-sixth the volume of other commercially available switches.

Each switch incorporates independent interlock/logic circuits for transmitter blanking, logic input, or position indication. These circuits are isolated from the switch control circuits and from ground. Internal interlocks are also included to remove the drive power at the end of the switching cycle to prevent inadvertent damage to the drive motor.

Action is accomplished by a standard high torque gear motor and is bi-directional to positive stops. In the event of loss of control power, these switches can be operated manually.

Since these switches can be controlled in groups or singly from remote locations, as well as integrated into computer controlled logic systems, they are ideally suited for use in unattended transmitter operations.