Miller 1690 System Arrow 40 ENG-CF

The Arrow 40  Sprinter II 2-Stage Carbon Fibre tripod combines Arrow 40 fluid head with speedy and rugged Sprinter II CF tripod to meet the demanding world of news gathering. From fast-action sports shooting to long, slow pans the Arrow 40 system exceeds expectations of precision, quality and features for the ENG operators. 


  • Ultra light, ultra fast Sprinter II 2-stage carbon tripod
  • Mid Spreader with adjustable centre hub
  • Inline carry handles
  • Arrow 40 7-Position selectable Pan and Tilt head
  • 4-position rear-mount Counterbalance
  • Illuminated rear controls


Carbon Fibre

Maximum Height:
1692 mm (66.6 in)
Minimum Height:
602 mm (23.7 in)

Mounting Standard:
100mm ball levelling
Payload Capacity:
16.00 kg (35.3 lbs)

Payload Range:
7-16 kg / 15-35 lbs
Transport Length:
862 mm (33.9 in)

10.05 kg (22.2 lbs)

** Product Authorized to sell in Latin America Only