NotaBotYet Studio Jam/Expansion Jam -Universal Studio Accent Strip Light Kit for Axia, Wheatnet, and Generic GPIO

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NotaBotYet Studio Jam/Expansion Jam -Universal Studio Accent Strip Light Kit for Axia, Wheatnet, and Generic GPIO

The Studio Jam by NotaBotYet is designed specifically for easy addition of controlled multicolor accent lights to a broadcast studio.  The complete kit allows for integration with a broadcast facility’s existing GPIO control system.  This eliminates the need for an expensive and complex custom DMX control system and programming, and still provides a significant step up in capability over the consumer off-the-shelf IR-controlled LED kits from the local retail chain.

The kit offers the installer flexibility in installations, providing a custom look for a fraction of the cost and time.   Some installation examples are:

  • Under counter lighting for broadcast studio furniture
  • Accent wall wash lighting
  • Backlighting for studio signage
  • Internal lighting for laser cut studio furniture legs
  • Phone or alarm annunciator
  • Equipment rack accent lighting
  • Virtually anything the installer can think of!

Every installation allows GPIO control of the 31 preprogrammed color programs.  Best results can be achieved when using a GPIO control system such as Axia Pathfinder, Wheatnet Screen Builder, or Lawo VSM.  However even the simplest forms of GPIO control including simple switches can be used to control the Studio Jam.  No programming knowledge is required and no computer interface or network control is required either.  A system can be installed; providing accent lights in a matter of minutes!

The kit includes:

  • 1 Primary Controller
  • 1 6-Amp 12V power Supply
  • 16 Feet of RGB Adhesive-Backed Flexible Strip Light
  • 4 RJ45-to-LED Strip Solderless Adapters
  • 16 Adhesive-Backed LED Strip Mounts

One kit can control up to 16 feet total of RGB LED strip (Included).  Use Expansion Jam (Part# J19-200-1) to add an additional 16 feet of capacity to the kit.