Orban XPN-AM - AM Audio Processor

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Orban XPN-AM - AM Audio Processor

The new XPN-AM Audio Processor is based upon an AM-optimized version of Orban’s MX limiter technology that was first introduced in the Optimod-FM 8600. This revolutionary limiter technology provides an unprecedented combination of loudness, cleanliness, crispness, speech intelligibility, and coverage. Additionally, XPN-AM’s design incorporates everything Orban has learned in 42 years of AM processing experience, starting with the original Optimod-AM 9000 back in 1977. 

Compared to other AM processors, the ability of Orban’s XPN-AM processor to generate greater density with lower distortion can significantly reduce power consumption with Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL) equipped transmitters. Early field tests show upwards of a 20% power savings is achievable. Depending on MDCL transmitter settings, broadcasters can maximize coverage, minimize power consumption while keeping existing coverage, or split the difference.

There are two different version of the XPN-AM Audio Processor available:

XPN-AM: Analog and AES stereo I/O, low-latency streaming output; built-in Nielsen encoder for AM output; WIBU protection key

XPN-AM/HD: Analog and AES stereo I/O for MPS output, AES stereo for HD Radio output, low-latency streaming output; built-in Nielsen encoder for MPS and HD Radio outputs; WIBU protection key


Key Features:

  • MX Limiter
    Orban’s exclusive MX Limiter increases average modulation while reducing distortion and improving speech intelligibility, and increasing HF power handling capability. 
  • 20% Power Savings
    Compared to other AM processors, provides up to 20% power savings when using MDCL AMC 3 dB dynamic carrier power control. 
  • Processing for multiple broadcast types
    Suitable for long wave, medium wave, and shortwave (HF) AM broadcasts.
  • Processing for HD Radio
    Only XPN-AM/HD version
  • Maximum coverage
    Cuts through today’s high RF noise environments, maximizing coverage. 
  • Diversity Delay
    Mono/stereo analog AM processing and HD Radio/netcast processing with built-in diversity delay and delay ramping. 
  • Dense positive peaks
    XPN-AM can create dense positive peaks to 150% modulation. 
  • Equalizer
    Versatile transmitter equalizer can tune out tilt and ringing in transmission systems. 
  • Variable bandwidth
    Variable bandwidth from 2.5 KHz to 9.5 KHz (NRSC), with parametric input filter shapes to trade off brightness against ringing. 
  • Complements the high frequency roll-off
    Receiver equalizer shapes pre-emphasis can complement the high frequency roll-off of an “average” AM radio as determined by NRSC tests in 2006.
  •  ORBAN, Vorsis, Air Aura X-5, AirAura X-1, Omni 7, Omnia 9, Omnia 11