Production Bot Switch 8 with Control Surface

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Production Bot Switch 8 with Control Surface



All-in-One Live Streaming Broadcast System

Tactile Control Surface with T-Bar

Built-In 17.3" Screen with Removable Cover

8x HD-SDI Inputs or Outputs and 1x 4K HDMI Output

SDI Supports 16-Channel Embedded Audio

SDI, HDMI, and DisplayPort Outputs

Up to 8-Channel ISO Recording

1TB SSD Removable Drive Included

Custom Graphics including Overlays, Chroma Key, and Transition Effects

Includes vMix Pro License

Built-In Support for NDI



A switcher in a suitcase - the extremely portable Production Bot Switch 8 can be used as a live production studio, mobile editing station, or a DIT station. This powerful system comes preinstalled with vMix live streaming software. Cut cameras, run replays, integrate custom graphics, record program and camera isos, all in one unit. Can be used in any broadcast environment including 4K, varied frame rate, as well as external audio over XLR or ¼”. Stream output live to many popular streaming platforms such as Facebook, Periscope, and Twitch. While the Production Bot is ideal for a small footprint, the screen real estate can be expanded and populated with vMix’s Multiview options. Kit includes the Production Bot Switch 8 with 17.3” built in screen, Production Bot Control Surface, keyboard, mouse, and a rolling bag with telescoping handle - perfect for carry-on luggage.


Built-in Display:

The built-in display eliminates the need for external monitors but can still be expanded via DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort for multiviewer and other application access using external monitors.

Production Bot Control Surface:

The Production Bot Control Surface adds tactile controls and a traditional production switching interface to a Production Bot Switch 8. It features 12 backlit program, preview, and overlay buttons that work with the vMix interface. It also offers four downstream delegation buttons to quickly activate overlays, as well as a T-bar for smooth manual transitions between sources. For customized control, there are user-assignable function buttons that can be set to vMix shortcuts, including complex macro-styled trigger events.

I/O Cards:

The Production Bot Switch 8 is equipped with an AJA capture card including eight HD-SDI inputs/outputs. You can also group four inputs together to provide two 4K inputs. When using the card in 4K mode, standard 1080/720 resolutions are unavailable. With up to two SDI outputs, producers can send multiple high-resolutions feeds. For example, a “dirty” version complete with overlays for broadcast and a “clean” version for recording and reuse later. Alternatively, one output can be dedicated to connect a broadcast-grade preview monitor to supplement the Production Bot’s built-in screen.

Removable SSD Slots for ISO Recording:

Production Bot Switch 8 includes a 1TB SSD drive pre-loaded in one of the four hot swap bays enabling ISO recording of any input. When finished, unplug the drives to move your footage to another machine for post production or archiving.

vMix Call and NDI Capable:

vMix Call makes it easy to add remote guests to your live production. With only a web browser and webcam your guest can connect into your live show with HD video and high quality audio from anywhere in the world. Send and receive multiple channels of broadcast quality low-latency video over a gigabit Ethernet network utilizing NDI with vMix.

Balanced XLR/TRS Audio I/O:

2 channels of audio over balanced XLR/TRS is allowed on top of the 16 channels of embedded SDI. The included XLR outputs can also allow a custom audio monitoring solution. Finally, if analog audio isn’t available, the Production Bot Switch 8 can interface with USB audio inputs and outputs, as well as Dante (separate software required).