ROHN 45G Guyed Tower

The 45G is a true multi-use structure that provides excellent strength for applications up to 300?. It?s offered with either heavy steel tube or solid steel rod legs to satisfy a wide variety of needs under varied conditions. When properly installed, the standard tower will support the loads shown on various guyed and self-supporting information sheets in the ROHN catalog.

FEATURES: ? Completely hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. ? Heavy steel tube or solid steel side rails. ? Built as a 16 3/4? equilateral triangle design. ? Utilizes11/4?outsidediameter,14gauge,special quality steel tubing or 1 1/4? solid rod legs. ? Zig-Zag? cross bracing is formed from a continuous 7/16? solid steel rod electrically welded every 16 1/4? on the side rails. ? Each10?section is joinedtotheotheranddouble bolted at each leg joint for extra strength.