SOFIA 563 DAB+ SiteStreamer+™

SOFIA 563 DAB+ SiteStreamer+™ is the latest model in the SOFIA SiteStreamer+ family of elite SiteStreamers with advanced features for critical monitoring situations. Additional SOFIA models are available for AM, FM, and HD Radio.

The 563 is a Web-enabled DAB/DAB+ receiver for remote signal monitoring. It is installed at a broadcast transmitter site or any remote location with good reception and Internet. Streamed audio is accessible from any Web enabled device.

The SOFIA 563 provides Analog LR, AES-Digital and Dante AES67 AoIP-streaming audio outputs. It collects histograms of signal parameters and displays DAB+ artwork, station logos and similar visuals via the Web interface. Multiple stations can be sequentially monitored using the programmable StationRotation™ feature. Alarms and notifications can be set-up for email and SMS advisories.

We try to have plenty of inventory available to satisfy our customer's needs, however Due to the recent supply chain situation. We suggest you verify by contacting us Availability before placing your order online.


  • Remotely Monitor fulltime off-air DAB/DAB+ signals.

  • Displays graphics and related text data on Web interface.

  • Adjustable off-air output levels for LR Analog, AES3-digital and Dante/AES67 AoIP.

  • Internet-listening stream up to 10 listeners at once.

  • Monitor multiple transmissions sequentially with StationRotation.

  • Alarms & notifications sent via email or SMS messaging.

  • Enhanced alarm logging with no limit to the number of alarms that can be logged.

  • Easy set-up and operation.

  • Full SNMP support.