Streaming Pix, Integrated Production Solutions

Streaming Pix, Integrated Production Solutions

includes PC. PTZ IP Camera, IP switch, Lav mic; everything you need to stream

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StreamingPix™ Streaming Video Production Systems

StreamingPix is a complete live production and streaming solution designed for easy set up and use, yet powerful enough to produce compelling professional content.

Ideal for companies from Aquariums to Zoo’s; Churches, Corporations, Events, Schools, Universities and all users who want to take streaming to the next level. StreamingPix includes everything required to start streaming great shows for an incredibly affordable price.

Developed on over 16 years of patented automation and control technologies and innovative tools, StreamingPix simplifies live streaming with an easy to use control interface and a library of clips and graphics giving content a polished and professional look.

Easy to set up and ready to go, StreamingPix is available now as a complete turnkey solution.

Key Features:

  • A RoboPix PTZ camera with integrated remote control

  • High-quality audio capture using a LAV microphone
  • SDI, HDMI, IP and NDI™ inputs for the ability to input PowerPoint and social media

  • A library of “ready-to-use” clips and graphics
  • Media aware macros to make your content visually interesting
  • One-to-many streaming to popular streaming services, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo etc., and virtual meetings, including Zoom, Skype, Go to Meeting, and more

  • 1 month free subscription to Switchboard
  • All controlled from an easy to use and configure software interface

    Zoom Integration

    Easily incorporate Zoom video conference sessions within your live productions with a Stream by Castus account. Register below and start taking in Zoom or other teleconferencing system feeds with no Firewall Configuration or IP Port Forwarding requirements. Get started today.

    Broadcast Pix StreamingPix Video Production Solutions

    Get everything you need to easily Stream great events

    Broadcast Pix RoboPix IP HD PTZ Camera

    Camera and Mic

    StreamingPix includes a RoboPix PTZ IP camera and USB microphone with plug-and-play operation. Simply plug the camera into the provided network hub using a CAT 5 cable, connect the microphone to a USB port and connect to the internet. Now you are ready to start recording and streaming.

    A second HDMI or SDI video input provides easy connectivity to another video source like a camcorder or laptop feed to incorporate presentation slides in your event.

    Easy to use Interface

    StreamingPix features a simple user interface designed for the easy production of an event. View, access and control all your cameras, sources and content from its user-friendly display.

    Enjoy full motion monitoring of your live shows from a touchscreen, tablet or even your phone.

    Broadcast Pix Clips and Animations

    Clips and Animations

    Easily create entertaining visual shows with StreamingPix’s built-in clips stores, use the included video clips and graphics elements to create interesting breaks and content, or import your own!

    Broadcast Pix Visual Aware Macros

    Media Aware Macros

    Broadcast Pix’s media aware macros simplify your production process by automating camera moves, rolling clips and animations, and even executing sophisticated compositions.

    Recording and Streaming

    Stream and Record

    With full streaming and recording capabilities and access to your own secure, cloud-based media management portal, reach a wider audience with online video. Record internally or on external USB drives and archive in the cloud.

    StreamingPix can stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, IBM, Livestream or Switchboard which provides multicasting to virtually all other social media platforms.