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Tascam DR-10L

DR-10L now bundled with iZotope RX 7 Elements

DR-10L Micro Linear PCM Recorder is bundled with a free full version of RX 7 Elements, iZotope's groundbreaking audio repair and noise reduction tool. The DR-10L/RX 7 Elements bundle brings a powerful recording and editing workflow solution to live productions where ambient noise and environmental distractions are common post production challenges, including weddings, on-location films, and documentaries, to name a few.
The DR-10L and RX Elements bundle reflects synergy at its best, where individual components in the production chain combine to create a solution greater than the sum of the two parts.

About iZotope RX 7 Elements

Perfect for small home studios, RX 7 Elements is a budget-friendly noise reduction and audio repair tool powered by technology used in studios all over the world.

Features of RX7 Elements

Repair Assistant:
Repair Assistant is an intelligent repair tool that can detect noise, clipping, clicks, and more. Solve common audio issues faster than ever by selecting the type of material (music, dialogue, other) and letting Repair Assistant analyze the audio with one listen.

Voice De-noise:
Voice De-noise can adapt to a changing noise floor for responsive, articulate vocal correction.

De-clip repairs digital and analog clipping artifacts, eliminating the need to re-record your audio.

Polish audio recordings suffering from quality degradation and digital errors.

De-hum automatically identifies unwanted hum and precisely removes it for immediate clarity.

Main functions in V2.00

Support for MP3 recording at both 128kbps and 192kbps

In addition to WAV (BWF) format files, recording and playback of MP3 files is now supported. This enables literally days of audio to be recorded on a single microSD card.

Level meters are now active during both recording and playback

Level meters were previously active only during input monitoring. With V2.00 they are live during recording and playback as well.

Level selection with dual recording function added

The dual recording function enables simultaneous creation of a backup "safety recording" at a lower level. Previously, this backup track was fixed at -6 dB lower than the main track. A new option of -12 dB now been added.

POLY file dual recording

POLY file mode can be used to record a mono sound source input as a stereo file. V2.00 also supports dual recording when in this mode.

Overall performance improvements

Overall performance has been enhanced, and microSD card writing/processing has been improved.

Wearable audio recorder with lavalier mic

Compact and lightweight

The DR-10L is compact - fitting in the palm of the hand and lightweight at 51 grams. Ideal for use as an invisible backup recorder at film shooting, interviews, stage performances and so on. Durable belt clip allows several options for use depending on the situation, for example you can attach the unit to belt and hide with jacket, still keep the unit not noticeable.

Simple and easy setup

Dedicated lavalier microphone is included, that is a perfect match with recorder unit. The lavalier microphone captures wide range of sound level with sensitivity of -42dBV/Pa, and 115dB SPL maximum input sound pressure. A few settings on the simple panel needed to start recording, and screw lock connection allows secure application.

Long battery life with an AAA battery

DR-10L is powered by an AAA battery that runs approximately 10 hours straight (with alkaline battery)*, that can stand all-day-long shooting with less concern for changing battery.

* The battery life varies depends on battery type. When using the device with a headphone connected, battery life will be reduced

Linear PCM recorder with high-quality audio

Designed to capture high-quality audio at 44.1kHz/48kHz, 16/24-bit. Perfect for television, film and stage performances - as well as lectures and other professional recording applications. Records in WAV/BWF recording format, selectable from mono or poly (stereo file with the same data on both left and right channels).