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Tascam MH-8

Wide range of input terminals that support all kinds of inputs sources

The MH-8 has a range stereo inputs that support various input sources;
INPUT1 is equipped with XLR balanced and TRS balanced inputs, while INPUT 2 is equipped with XLR balanced and RCA-pin unbalanced inputs, and DIRECT INPUT from each headphone comes with TRS balanced inputs. The input jacks are also compatible with audio system of facilities, in-store audiovisual systems, and recording studio monitoring systems.


Features at a glance

  • 8 stereo 1/4" headphone outputs
  • 250mW 250mW at 32O per channel
  • Each headphone output switchable to input 1, input 2 and direct input source (or a combination of the three)
  • Master input gain controls
  • 16 1/4" TRS balanced direct inputs
  • 4 XLR balanced inputs (CH1 & CH2)
  • 2 1/4" TRS balanced inputs (CH1)
  • 2 RCA unbalanced inputs (CH2)
  • 4 TRS balanced foldback outputs
  • Ground lift switch and terminal


  • Music retailer listening station
  • Recording studio monitoring
  • In-ear stage monitor distribution
  • Tradeshow headphone distribution

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