Tascam RC-20 - Remote for CD500/B, SSR100/200/CDR200

Tascam RC-20 - Remote for CD500/B, SSR100/200/CDR200

An unbeatable combination of the RC-20 and TASCAM players

The RC-20 Direct Play Remote brings instant playback through flash start to TASCAM recordrs and CD players, featuring a set of 20 pushbuttons on the remote play the first 20 tracks on a CD or SD card, while the simple-to-use remote includes space to label each track to help locate the target material. A Stop/Load button is also available for preloading tracks and stopping playback.


Simple-to-use and space-saving

20 pushbuttons for Direct Play and a Stop/Load button include space for legend strip are housed in a compact case under 9Ӵ" wide and available at a price never before possible. For theater, broadcast, PA or other installations where price and space are limited, the RC-20 and TASCAM player are an unbeatable combination.

  • Direct Play Remote
  • 20 direct play buttons
  • Stop/Load button
  • Space for legend strip
  • Connection LED
  • Detachable remote cable (12.8ft, 4.0m)