Tascam RC-W100-R120 - Wall-mounted programmable controller MX-8A

Tascam RC-W100-R120 - Wall mounted programmable controller MX-8A

Wall-mounted programmable controller for MX-8A

The RC-W100-R120 / RC-W100-R86 Wall Mount Controllers for the MX-8A 8 Input /8 Output Matrix Mixer with DSP. Designed for quick and easy operation in meeting rooms, lecture halls, stores, restaurants, and multipurpose spaces, the RC-W100-R120 / RC-W100-R86 Wall Mount Controllers incorporate an easy-to-read LCD display, one rotary encoder with a push switch, and four push button switches.


Two different panel sizes are available










The two models address a variety of world markets, with the RC-W100-R120 designed for the U.S. and Japan, while the RC-W100-R86 is compatible with switch boxes in Europe.