Telos Alliance - VX Prime + VoIP Talkshow System

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Telos Alliance - VX Prime + VoIP Talkshow System

Telos VX® talk-show systems are the world’s first true VoIP-based broadcast phone systems and have been proven to deliver the power of VoIP to the broadcast studio like no other. The Telos VX Prime+, with built-in support for AES67,  is the next evolution of Telos VX VoIP phone systems in a powerful new 1RU hardware unit. Additionally, support for the G.722 voice codec ensures the highest quality calls from supported mobile devices. With capacity of 8 fixed hybrids/faders, VX Prime+ is ideal for facilities with 2 to 4 studios. (For larger facilities, check out VX Enterprise with up to 120-hybrid capacity.)

AES67 support brings a new level of compatibility and flexibility to VX phone systems. Support for AES67 gives broadcasters the flexibility of integrating VX Prime+ into any  AES67 environment, in addition to our own Axia® Livewire® network. With plug-and-play connectivity, you can network multiple channels of audio with any manufacturer’s AES67-compliant hardware. Beyond AES67, Livewire users have the added convenience and power of networking control (GPIO), advertising/discovery, and program associated data throughout the network.

Using VoIP, VX Prime+ gives you remarkable-sounding on-air phone calls with no ‘gotchas’. It uses standard SIP protocol that works with many VoIP PBX systems and SIP Telco to take advantage of low-cost and high-reliability service offerings. VX Prime+ can also connect to traditional telco lines via Asterisk PBX systems, which can be customized for specific facility requirements.