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Price Based on 10 Hours.

Minimum Purchase One Year 10 Hours per Month Total $ 500 x 12 = $ 6,000.00

Powerful Live Video Production in the Cloud

Create multi-camera programs in minutes, with zero latency, even with smartphones. Live audience interaction. Add graphics, mix audio and safely live stream on any platform with one click.

Move your remote production to the cloud for a more agile workflow.

Do more with TVU Producer 3.0

Invite unlimited guests remotely: Discover the first cloud-based video conferencing made for broadcast. Manage hundreds of participants and create exciting multi-view programs.

Insert stunning graphics overlays: Live video editing via graphic URLs from third party providers or using Singular.Live, the leader in cloud-based live graphics overlays, already integrated within TVU Producer.

Advanced Audio Mixer: Harmonize the sound like an orchestra conductor. Easily add, capture and mix audio feeds. Adjust all audio input levels as well as master output.

Benefits of Cloud Production over traditional Live Video Streaming Software

Cloud-based live video production refers to storing and accessing your production workflow over the internet instead of locally on a PC. Most alternatives to TVU Producer 3.0 offer software or hardware solutions, but being cloud-based means you can access your production anytime, anywhere.

Moving your production needs to the cloud has many advantages. With TVU Producer 3.0 you can be producing within a matter of minutes. No downloads required, no heavy locally saved files and no over-reliance on one system, leaving you to focus on what matters most.