Video 5 CG5-MC SD/SDI

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CG5 Multichannel SD-SDI


CG5 Multichannel offers a powerful tool for character generator needed in TV channel or production companies. 

Excellent Performance in broadcast.


The flexibility of CG5 Multichannel allows multiple tasking:

  • Multiple layers.
  • Alpha Channel mixing.
  • Titles and subtitles in real time.
  • Down Stream Key or Up Stream Key.
  • Endless layers with independent speed and fade in/out control for each one.
  • Insertion of multiple animated logos in 3D with independent control.
  • Insertion of time , temperature and humidity.
  • Sports Timers on screen.
  • Multiple simultaneous Videos,  Lower  Third, Rolls  and Crawls  with independent speed.
  • 6 inputs Video/Audio Mixer with independent control.
  • Analogue and Digital clocks.
  • Insertion of multiple videos with alpha channels , specially for lower third in sports events.
  • Project content in one file.
  • More than 200 predefined templates for its immediate use.
  • It supports PSD, TGA, TIF , GIF , PNG, BMP, EMF, JPG, PCX, etc.
  • Multiple communication protocols.
  • Plug in for subtitles.


Technical Specifications


Input Outputs  Formats:

  • NTSC, PAL o SECAM software  selectable.
  • NTSC: 720×480 o 352×480@29.97fps
  • PAL/SECAM: 720×576 o 352×576@25fps.

Video Inputs:

  • Composite     (BNC): 6 input or
  • S-VIDEO        (BNC): 6 input or
  • Component    (BNC): RGB 3 inputs with Int. or Ext. sync, YUV   3 inputs with Int. Or Ext. sync.
  • SDI (BNC):     SMPTE 259-M, 270 Mbps (optional add-on )

Video Outputs:

  • Composite     (BNC)
  • S-VIDEO        (BNC)
  • Component    (BNC): RGB with Int. or Ext. sync, YUV   with Int. Or Ext. sync.
  • SDI (BNC):     SMPTE 259-M, 270 Mbps (Optional add-on)

Audio Input/Output:

  • Analog Inputs: microphone-level or line-level (balanced or unbalanced).
  • Analog Outputs (balanced or unbalanced): Digital Inputs/Outputs: SPDIF or AES/EBU digital audio ? optional.
  • Programmable Audio delay (up to 1000 ms) for proper A/V synchronization.

Time Base Correction:

Individual Time Base Correction (TBC) for each video input and common Frame Sync Buffer to allow real time switching between 2 asynchronous analog/digital video  sources without dropped frames or distortions.


Analog and/or digital video outputs can be to selected external reference signal.vvv